Vacation Bulge

beach Why is it that we work so hard to look good for vacation, then get there and blow our diet and toned body completely in a week’s time?  How about a play on words and call it in the time frame of a weak!

Honestly, do we really think eating and drinking anything we want on vacation won’t latch on to our tummies and thighs and hitch a ride home with us?  Evidently that’s what was going through my head.

Oh well, what’s done is done.  I had an amazing time spending the week with my husband in the Caribbean.  I might have brought back a few pounds but I also brought back a more relaxed mind and a high level of Vitamin D 😉

Maybe that’s the moral of the story…  It’s called a vacation for a reason.  Enjoy every minute, remember that it’s not forever and when you get back home, don’t even think about putting on your skinny jeans for at least two weeks!

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