My name is Heidi Van Fossen-Rushing.  I am the owner of Achievable Health and am the Health Coach and Massage Therapist that will be working with you if you so choose to take advantage of the services.

Achievable Health started taking shape a few years back after I had been introduced to a group of gals that were truly passionate not only about their own health but of those around them.  At the time, I was in my third year of being a Massage Therapist and was personally beginning to understand what “a healthier lifestyle” was.  Their knowledge and support was the catalyst that I needed to move forward and make my dream a reality.

bigstock-Sunflowers-37042540 Fast forward through a Health Coaching Certification through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Lifestyle Educator Certification through Metagenics’ FirstLine Therapy Program, two more years of doing massage and it brought me to a cliff that made me take a leap of faith.  I decided that along with the two certifications, a Culinary Arts Degree and over 5 years as a Massage Therapist, I felt comfortable enough to take on the exciting role of a business owner.

There are many practical ways that anyone and everyone can make positive changes to their everyday lives.  Just the slightest changes can make the biggest impact.  Whether you need help achieving goals or would like help finding direction, I can assist you.  It would be my pleasure to introduce you to a better health lifestyle!


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