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50 Blogs Later


Hey!  Hey!  Here’s to 50 50 blogs later!

I hope you have enjoyed the blogs that I’ve posted as much as I have loved doing them.  I really do enjoy the process of doing the research on topics and finding great recipes to share with you.  If there topics that you would like me to post on, let me know.  I love feedback!

Cheers to 50 more!

Show Yourself Some Love!


‘Tis the season of love!  The month when we love up on significant others, family members, even pets.  So how about we love up on ourselves a bit too!

I’m not suggesting buying ourselves a five pound chunk of chocolate and breaking off a bite every 15 minutes.  I mean, let’s take a moment to be thankful for our bodies and having the ability to make it better.

In my latest newsletter, I mentioned that I find it very interesting that society puts so much emphasis on one day of the year to show to others how much we love them.  I also correlated that we use the month of January to do the same for our bodies.

Would you agree that love or better health is not going to be had by working on it for just a day or even a month for that matter?  What I’m getting at is this: Our body is our own masterpiece.  It is what we put in it.  Ha!  Literally and figuratively speaking, actually!

That’s a different way to look at it, isn’t it?  Just like a loving relationship, it takes patience and continual work to reap the benefits of a healthy body.  Take this time to put a plan into action on ways to treat your body better.  The benefits are SO worth it!

New Year’s Resolution 2014


Here’s 2014 and another round of resolutions.  I think mine may sound like a broken record.  Run a half, stay in shape and help others do the same.  Eat as clean as possible and walk my own talk.

I’m going to add one more to that… go on a great vacation.

It’s been a while since my husband and I have gotten out of Dodge.  Whether it’s the mountains or a beach, we will get a break this year.  We need it!

Cheers to a new year!   Better than the last and full of excitement and fantastic experiences for us all!

One Year Anniversary!

1 year anniv

December 1st marked the official one-year anniversary of Achievable Health.  I swear time can’t go any faster.  It seems as though just yesterday I was sending out my first newsletter and hoping and praying that I had the capability to help clients as much as I thought I was able to.

A few mistakes and a lot of triumphs later I’m still going at it and loving every minute of the journey.  Who knows what will happen from now until the next anniversary.  I hope for many more great relationships built and wonderful experiences to enjoy.  What a great blessing this has been!

Personal Contracts

This is part II of my last Blog on Balance 😉

Finding My Balancebalancing_elephant

There are times in our lives that we need to take a step back to reorganize, reassess and redirect our efforts.  This should be a scheduled occurrence.   It could be once a year, every six months, maybe even monthly.  It gives us a time to reflect and move forward in a more positive and productive manner.

In conversation with a friend of mine, we decided that a great way to do this would be to write up contracts for ourselves.  And to keep ourselves accountable, we would send the signed contracts to each other.

We are both working on businesses and trying to find balance with productive schedules that still leave time for us to have a life.  So our contacts were based on those areas of concern.

This idea could also be used in families or relationships.  Not only would it be a great relationship builder but it would assure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

What would your contract look like?  What areas of your life would it cover?  Believe it or not, the act of producing and signing a contract that came from your feelings and needs is quite liberating and empowering.  Give it a shot!


Are there any Professional Life Balancers out there?  Get in touch with me, I need some help!  Anybody else feel like they need some help in this department?

Of course, if there were Professional Life Balancers out there for hire, I’m sure they would recommend time management, goal setting and learning to say no as part of their words of wisdom.  What other advice could you give from experience?


These words of wisdom can be shifted to many parts of our lives, I’m sure.  Think about where your balance is off in your life.  Can any of those recommendations be applied in that situation?

I’m no Professional Life Balancer but I can tell you one thing that gets me through the tough days… knowing that today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow.  Be grateful for today and plan for tomorrow.

Package Price Changes

Wow!  Where is time going?  I can’t believe it’s already been 8 months since I started Achievable Health.  To say the last 8 months have been a learning experience is such an understatement.

In many ways, I’ve met very little resistance as I’ve made my way through the weeks.  In fact, most of the resistance has been ME!  I’m learning pretty quickly to just get out of my own way and enjoy the process as the business has been growing and changing.

There is one area of change that is in need of some revamping that I wish I didn’t have to deal with, price changes.bigstock-Green-field-at-sunset--24967112 smaller

Over the last few months, I have begun working with more couples and families on top of the individual clients.  Working with families and couples has been such an amazing experience.  Seeing them acknowledge their goals, work through the challenges and exceed their goals together has been incredible.

I’m finding out quickly that while working with multiple clients in one package, I’m spending more time with them on location as well as at home doing notes and research.   Because of this, I have decided to re-price the packages accordingly for those who choose the packages as a couple, group or family.

I’ve thought very hard about this price increase.  I would love to work for free and I truly hope someday I am in the position to do so.  Right now, however, I need to act as a business owner and take this advised action.

Effective August 15, 2013, the package prices will be as follows:

Package 1 – Heart of the Home
  • Single $125
  • Couple/Family $125
Package 2 – Kick Start Your Health
  • Single $125
  • Couple/Family $187.50
Package 3 – Compact Journey
  • Single $350
  • Couple/Family $525
Package 4 – Confidence in Commitment
  • Single $575
  • Couple/Family $850

Information Session in Ankeny

Round Two – Information Session at Back to Wellness Chiropractic in Ankeny

Well, the first round didn’t kill me so how about a round two!  I may just start to like doing these 😉

Session #2 Marketing Poster for B2W - Copy

Suggested Documentaries

If you have not caught it in previous blogs, my husband and I do not own a TV…  by choice.  I know, I know, how un-American!  How do we watch the news?  How do we watch The Voice?


Truth be told, I don’t like the news anyway.  It’s my opinion that most TV stations are ratings-driven media bullies who will say and sell anything for a buck.  And to me, reality TV is a huge issue in today’s society.

My husband mostly agrees with me and for our viewing pleasure, we usually turn to the internet for cheap entertainment.

Now that I’ve pushed my position on the public (does that make me a hypocrite?), there are a few videos that I’d like to share with you.  As I’ve been training for my races, I’ve found numerous documentaries that have truly been worthwhile to see.

On Netflix (which is much cheaper that cable or dish), they have a series of TED talks covering many facets of today’s food industry and the growing concerns surrounding the topic.  They are about 20 minutes in length each.  Some I found very informative and others I skipped on by.

Here is the link:  Netflix

I have also enjoyed watching a few full-length documentaries on Netflix as well.   There are many ideas and political positions within these films.  But I will say, they all get you thinking in terms of how the daily choices you make effect your future as well as the Earth’s future.

Many of these movies can be seen on Hulu and YouTube as well as Netflix.  And don’t forget about your local library!

Here are some of my favorites.

  • Forks Over Knives
  • Hungry for Change
  • Food Fight
  • Ingredients
  • Killer at Large

And these are on my list to watch.

  • Super Size Me
  • Food, Inc.
  • King Corn
  • Food Beware

If there are other’s out there that you think I would enjoy, let me know!

Informational Session!

The time has come for me to face a HUGE fear!  I have always had a hard time getting up in front of a group of people and speaking.  But now I need to face the fear and do it anyway.

Please join me at my very first Information Session!  I decided to start with an overview of Health Coaching and its benefits and then move on to more challenging topics at later sessions.

If you are able to make it, thank you for being my guinea pigs!  If anything it will be very entertaining.  Bear with me and let’s hope my face doesn’t stay the shade of red that I’m sure it will be turning .

Session #1 Poster for Website & Newsletter
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