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The Word Healthy

It’s the time of year that everyone is using the term “HEALTHY”.  What does that word mean to you?  I’ve heard some people say that just hearing the word puts them on the defense.  Why would that be, I wonder?  Could it be because some people register healthy with change?  I could see someone resistant to change not liking the thought of having to change their lifestyle.

healthy heart What are your thoughts?  Do you not like the word healthy?  What word would bring a positive reaction?  How about: energized, choices, fresh, goals, results, motivated. Whatever the word is, say it and say it with enthusiasm!  Don’t let a negative attitude get the best of your goals.

Every year, you say you are going to take back control of your body and make better choices.  Make this the year that you follow through.  At the end of the day, it’s all on your shoulders.  YOU have control!  Have fun with change and challenge and reap the benefits of proving to yourself that you exceeded by your own determination.   You will be pleasantly surprised.  I promise!

Happy New Year!

resolutions Welcome 2013!  Am I the only one thinking that 2012 absolutely FLEW by?  It’s almost scary how fast it came and went.  The saying is true.  The older you get, the faster time goes by.

So what are your plans for the year? Any good trips or house renovations planned?  Have you set any health improvement goals yet?  What are your well-intended New Year’s resolutions?

This year, I intend to run another half marathon.  I’m still trying to find a spring race out of state but might just end up running Dam to Dam and then wait until October to run the Des Moines half.

Share your plans and goals with me!  Sometimes, just vocalizing your goals and aspirations is all it takes to set them into motion.  Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season… for overeating!  This is such an exciting time of year.  There are plenty of opportunities to get together with family and friends.  If gift giving is included, you get to watch the recipient of your gifts’ face as they open it, and the FOOD!!!

I, for one, find it very easy to get caught in the moment and not take in to consideration the amount and quality of food that might find its way to my mouth.  Now I’m no scrooge, the holiday season shouldn’t be about resisting the urge to try a piece of your Grandma’s famous peanut brittle or your friends’ home-made cheesecake.  That would lead to a bad attitude and lots of resentment.  No thanks!

How about just planning ahead a bit and getting through the holidays without gaining a bunch of weight and fueling our bodies with high in fat, sugar and empty calorie foods.  Does that sound like a compromise?  Here are a few of my tips that have helped me out in the past.

  • First, if you know you’re going to a function that will most likely have all snack foods and desserts and not much of an option in foods with substance, eat before you go.  Eat a healthy meal that will leave you feeling satisfied so you won’t be as tempted to fill up on the sweet stuff.
  • If they have a fruit and veggie tray available, fill your plate with that first.  Then, if you absolutely can’t live without a macaroon, have one, not five.
  • Between get-together’s, focus on a clean, healthy diet to keep your body fueled and well-balanced.  Lots of water and plenty of exercise will compensate the good times that shouldn’t hinder your holiday season or your healthy eating habits.
  • Above all else, enjoying a splurge isn’t a deal breaker to healthy eating.  Just don’t make it a daily occurrence and you’ll be fine.  Enjoy the holidays, they only comes once a year!

Get at it!

Now that the weather is turning colder, it is really hard for me to get out of bed and get motivated.  Does anyone else have that problem?

A few tricks that seem to work for me are stretching in bed to get the blood pumping before you get out.  Also, I always set out my workout clothes the night before so I can get out of bed and directly into the clothes.  That way I’m less likely to just hop in the shower and bypass the workout all together.

There are days that a hot shower does win over a workout.  But I will say, when I do get up and at it, I always feel fantastic and more energized for the rest of the day after I’ve worked out.   Even just 15 to 30 minutes of stretching, at the very least, can make a HUGE difference in your metabolism.

What are your tricks?  For those of you who prefer to work out in the evening, how do you keep yourself accountable to fit it in and not just head to bed?

“Good for her!”

The other day, my husband and I were driving down a busy street in Ankeny.  It was kind of a chilly, windy day and the sun was nowhere to be found.  I was enjoying the fabulous fall colors when I noticed a younger gal jogging down the sidewalk.

Most often, my first thought would be of jealousy that she was enjoying a good jog and I wasn’t.  But this scenario was a bit different.  First of all, it wasn’t that great of a running day. And also, the girl didn’t seem to be having a great go at it.  She was on the larger side and it looked as though it was her first try at jogging and it was taking all her effort just to get the body to move in the same direction.

Now, I just want to clarify that this situation is not one of judgment.  Let me tell you why.

I told my husband to look over and I said, “Good for her!” to him.  He saw her, waited a second and replied, “I wonder what happened to make her decide to go for a run?”

A couple of things… I love my husband for not being judgmental.  Could you imagine what other less open-minded people were saying driving by her?  Secondly, wouldn’t it be great to know what the reason was that she decided to go for a jog that day?  In the cold, on one of Ankeny’s busiest streets, obviously not caring about what people thought of her?

So here’s a question to you?  Have you been in a situation like this?  What was the situation that made you want to jump with both feet first?  Also, was there someone to cheer you along or was it squarely on your shoulders to keep yourself accountable?

I hope this gal has continued with her jogging without injury or setback and that she is well on her way to meeting her health goals.  Seriously, good for her!!

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